26 Federal Plaza Jacob Javits Building


Client:  General Services Administration

Roof Replacement Under Main Cooling Tower – Rigged Diversion system under the main Carrier Assembly to allow complete ventilation to continue. Removed the Roof Under the Cooling Tower, concrete patched underlying deck.

The System included Tapered Insulation and four plies of Hot Asphalt Roofing – 2 plies of Torch Welded Modified Bitumen were installed over same – to create a redundant assembly over space occupied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the Top Floor.

During execution of the removals, the Desert Storm Victory Parade Ceremonies were being performed in the Lobby.  While we were promised that  Carriers would  be idled,  the GSA turned them on to cool the podium for Casper Wienbegers Speech, due to an unexpected heat island in the interior. This action  flooded our roof area while we were laying out the first ply of hot tar. The Roofers worked  under the pouring antifreeze to  successfully watertight the roof, while the Ceremonies continued without interruption.