Charles Greenthal Management

2000-  Client :   Wyndham Condominium,   Charles Greenthall Management

Designed ,  managed and executed 70,000 square foot Roof Replacement at the Wyndham Condominium.  Project consisted of demolition and removal of Hanover paving system and former EPDM Roof Membrane.    A Johns-Manville SBS  20 Year Roof Membrane Torch Applied Roof Membrane was successfully  installed directly to the Primed concrete deck during the first years of SBS Membrane technology.     Due to extensive logistic issues,  the project was anticipated to take three years.   After extensive mobilization,  planning and teamwork with the  Managing Agents,  a  successful completion was arrived at in 7 Months time.     Hundreds of drains, pipe penetrations and flashing details have been leak free since completion.